A remarkable decade in formula one

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Formula One Drivers Of The Sixties

The sixties was a remarkable time of personalities and events, a decade that gave us the Beatles, Bob Dylan, John and Robert Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Martin Luther King. The Vietnam war, swinging London and countries in Europe occupied by Russian troops. Not to forget the The Cuban crisis, student riots, revolutions and the men on the moon. It was an exceptional decade.

The sixties was also a remarkable time for Formula One, with drivers who became legendary by creating records that are unlikely to ever be broken. With Jack Brabham the only driver to win both the constructor’s championship as well as three world racing championships, Jim Clark in the Lotus, car 82 with his amazing win in the Indianapolis 500 in 1965 and his two Formula One victories in 1963 and 1965.

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Records set and still unsurpassed

Graham Hill was the only driver to win victories at Le Mans & The Indianapolis 500 and two Formula One championships in 1962 and 1968. Bruce McLaren's name remains associated with modern racing engineering with cars that are as competitive today as they were when he first started building them. Jackie Stewart with his determination to make the sport safer and his three World Championships in 1969,1971 & 1973.

Records set and still unsurpassed for over forty years. Formula One reflected the decade with drivers who became heroes to millions through courage, skill and personality. And the decade's tragedies with the loss of Jim Clark, Piers Courage, Jochen Rindt, Bruce McLaren, Ricardo and Pedro Rodriguez.

The sixties were a special time in the history of Formula One, placed between the 1950's dominated by Fangio and Stirling Moss and the start of the modern era of the 1970's with scientifically designed cars. Large money, huge crowds and television audiences measured in the hundreds of millions.

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